Mighty Sleepers gets your baby sleeping through the night.


Online Sleep Course Developed by Board-Certified Pediatrician
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Safe & Scientifically Proven
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• Newborn to Two-Years-Old •


  • Want to make bedtime easier for their child.

  • Are ready for better sleep for themselves and their child.

  • Want parenting to be more enjoyable.

  • Need to make more time for their partner.

  • Are ready to regain their confidence as a parent.

  • Crave more peaceful and productive evenings.


What is Mighty Sleepers?

Mighty Sleepers is an online infant sleep program. It is made of short videos organized to get you the information and confidence you need to get your baby's sleep handled! The entire course takes a little over an hour to watch and will have your infant sleeping through the night in less than one week.

While the standard Mighty Sleepers technique does employ the completely safe "cry-it-out" method, there is also a module on how to sleep train without the crying. Although this method does take a little longer, it is just as effective.

Mighty Sleepers was developed by board-certified pediatrician Dr. Phil Boucher, so you can rest assured that all the techniques are safe, thoroughly researched, evidence-based, and scientifically proven to work. If you aren't completely satisfied with Mighty Sleepers, we will use a 100% refund.

What's Included with Mighty Sleepers Purchase

Lifetime Access to Mighty Sleepers Course

Once you become a member of Mighty Sleepers, you will have lifetime access to the entire course and all modules.

12 Monthly Q & A Sessions with Dr. Boucher

Join Dr. Boucher live for 12 monthly virtual Q & A sessions, where you can personally ask sleep or parenting questions.

FREE Mighty Sleepers Onsie

Become a Mighty Sleepers parent and score a FREE Mighty Sleepers onsie to keep your soon-to-be Mighty Sleepers cozy and warm.

FREE Potty Training Guide

Get a jumpstart on potty training with Dr. Boucher's bonus course on best practices for potty training your little one.

Get Mighty Sleepers today!


  • Lifetime access to Mighty Sleepers course and resources.

($500 value)

  • 12 Monthly Q&A sessions with Dr. Boucher.

($600 value)

  • FREE Mighty Sleepers onsie.

($20 value)

  • FREE Potty training guide.

($150 value)


Meet Phil Boucher, MD, FAAP

Hey there! I'm Dr. Phil Boucher. I'm a husband, father of five, board-certified pediatrician, and infant sleep expert.

I developed Mighty Sleepers as a tired, sleep-deprived parent, myself. Exhausted and desperate for a way to get my own babies to sleep through the night, I began researching safe and proven techniques for sleep training infants. After tons of research, data, and trial and error, the Mighty Sleepers method was born.

After using the Mighty Sleepers techniques on my own kids, and teaching those same techniques to parents in my pediatric practice, I knew I needed to branch out and help other parents all over who are struggling for sleep just like I was.

Since creating the Mighty Sleepers course, I've helped hundreds of parents safely and confidently get their little ones on consistent sleep schedules and get the rest they need to be the best parents they can be.

It may seem impossible now, but I'm here to tell you that you can and will solve your baby's sleep issues in just 5-7 nights with Mighty Sleepers.


Are you ready to get the rest you and your baby need??

Join now and get instant access to the videos and PDFs of the entire course and get started TONIGHT!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Mighty Sleepers? Check below for some commonly asked questions. Don't see the answer you're looking for? Feel free to email me at pboucher@drphilboucher.com.

Does Mighty Sleepers really work?

Yes! Mighty Sleepers is a proven course that has helped HUNDREDS of parents safely sleep train their little ones and get the sleep they need.


Is Mighty Sleepers safe?

Absolutely! Mighty Sleepers was developed by a board-certified pediatrician using safe, effective, scientifically-backed and evidence-based techniques that are 100% safe.


How old does my baby need to be to start Mighty Sleepers?

Mighty Sleepers covers infant sleep issues from birth and beyond. The actual method for getting baby to sleep through the night can be used starting at 4-6 months and beyond.


Does Mighty Sleepers work for twins/multiples?

Yes! There is an entire video dedicated to using the Mighty Sleepers techniques with twins or multiples.


How long does Mighty Sleepers take?

The entire course takes about an hour to complete and upon applying the techniques taught within the course, Mighty Sleepers parents report that they have their babies on a consistent sleep schedule in about 5-7 nights.


Is there information on how to sleep train under special circumstances?

There is an entire module on troubleshooting, including what to do when traveling, baby is sick, and more. If an issue arises that the course doesn't cover, parents are more than welcome to reach out to me personally.

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