Be a More Present and Productive Parent in Just 5 Days

YES- That's a Challenge for YOU! - Dr. B.


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Download your free tool kit now and join us inside the Facebook Group on July 30th for the kickoff of our 5 part video series to learn how to take charge of the screens that are invading your family time.

But... Dr. Boucher...

"Do we have to give up screens for 5 days?"
The answer is- NO!
This challenge is NOT about eliminating screens. That's just not realistic for most families.
The screen-free (ish) challenge is all about communicating with your spouse and your children about what limits you, as a family, need to set to make your household happy-
And I'll walk you through that process in the challenge- step by step.
✅ We will start with making the commitment on Day 1
✅On Day 2- parents will learn how to set an example
✅On Day 3- we navigate school-aged children + screens
✅On Day 4- we examine screen guidelines for babies + toddlers
✅On Day 5- I answer some frequently asked questions from patients and participants about screens and develop a long-term screen plan

I look forward to seeing you soon!

- Dr. B



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Challenge: Be a More Present and Productive Parent

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